Nanodiamond Technology is the Next Big Thing & Diamond ProTech is Leading the Charge

Vehicle paint and surface protection is a market ripe for revolutionary transformation. From a paint protection film that has protective capabilities alongside interesting patterns or texture to ceramic coatings lasting for up to a decade, automobile owners around the world are constantly capitalizing on the resounding benefits of securing their vehicle’s surfaces.


You cannot go wrong by adding a layer of protection to paint, glass, metal trim pieces, and more for long-term value enhancement, but selecting the right form of auto surface protection has become more complex than ever. The answer is found by focusing on the question: “What are you looking to get out of your vehicle’s protection package?”


Some seek hydrophobic gloss and a slick surface resilient to the environment while others need as much self-healing strength against defects and discrepancies as humanly possible. But not until the debut of nanodiamond technology did vehicle owners have the opportunity to harness both of these benefits in one easy-to-install formula.


For years, Diamond ProTech has put our heart and soul into developing a one-of-a-kind nanodiamond car coating formula that places the power of vehicle surface protection into consumers' hands. We are proud to observe the impact our debut has made on the auto detailing industry as evidenced by all the industry chatter over nanodiamond car coatings that are beginning to emerge on the market.


Today and every day, we want to educate our customer base on what to look for in quality nanodiamond car coatings and ultimately why selecting Diamond ProTech is your best option!


Nanodiamond Car Coating Formulas: Durable, Hydrophobic, and More

The nanodiamond car coatings found at Diamond ProTech truly have it all. Each car coating formula that we produce is what is referred to as a composite car coating. The term ‘composite’ is in reference to the combination of organic and inorganic materials used to create a flexible, hydrophobic, oleophobic, and scratch-resistant surface over all areas of your pride and joy.


Nanodiamond car coatings are notably infused with enriched nanodiamonds — Microscopic diamond particles that mirror the hardness of the same diamonds in jewelry. One singular nanodiamond particle possesses a high gloss and intense hardness, so you can really understand the beauty and surface durability that having millions of them spread out across your vehicle’s surfaces brings.


The second part of our nanodiamond car coating creation process involves perhydropolysilazane (PHPS). PHPS is the hardest inorganic polymer in our world while also being extremely flexible. In the form of a car coating, PHPS brings the scratch-resistant and flexibility to your automotive surfaces which is something that a paint protection film package accomplishes traditionally.


When our team of scientists bring together both enriched nanodiamonds and PHPS, the result is a simple yet incredibly complex and beneficial surface coating that has unbelievable benefits for cars, trucks, and SUVs of all different makes and models. Not only will an automobile be resistant to stains, contamination, and other environmental messes, they also prevent light scratching, marring, etching, and other surface defects that a traditional clear bra would otherwise be required to accomplish.


Why the Hype of Nanodiamond Car Care?

Of course, all of these aforementioned functional benefits and aesthetic characteristics of nanodiamond car coatings are the leading reasons why vehicle owners around the world are flocking to them. However, what we notice about our customer base here at Diamond ProTech is that there are a few additional and perhaps more noteworthy reasons why there is this sudden uptick in the popularity of nanodiamond car coatings.


Here is a look into those few:


Consumer-Friendly Hand Application - Until the emergence of nanodiamond car coatings, the installation of any type of auto paint protection that merits longevity coupled with high gloss, hydrophobicity, and self-healing capabilities required professional auto detailers. Consumers were discouraged or completely kept from installing their own ceramic car coatings or clear bras due to the complexity of the process and the unforgiving nature of potential errors in installation.


Nanodiamond car coatings are extremely easy to hand-apply, arriving in liquid form and curing slower to provide a more feasible workability for the obsessed vehicle owner. With this being the case, nanodiamond car coatings are not only readily available to consumers, but they produce the lasting gloss, hydrophobic, oleophobic, and scratch-resistant surface protection that makes a nanodiamond-coated vehicle the envy of all.


Shine with UV Resistance - Not all car coatings can withstand the intensity of the sun in certain parts of the world. Nanodiamond car coatings create a reflective filter over vehicle paintwork, which is the most vulnerable characteristic of a car, truck, or SUV exposed directly to ultraviolet rays. As a result, the sun shining down on vehicle paint will be a glass-like aesthetic benefit rather than a potential threat to physical paint integrity.


Without the help of a protective coating like our nanodiamond car coatings, ultraviolet rays will slowly break down the molecular makeup of a vehicle’s finish, causing a your finish to dull. Thanks to the additional hydrophobicity and oleophobic nature of nanodiamond car coatings, UV rays will also prevent staining from taking place as surface grime will not stick to the slickness of the fully cured surface.


Vehicle Surface Smoothness - As these nanodiamond car coatings are simply hand applied by a consumer, we at Diamond ProTech have kept in mind the importance of the tactile feel of a car, truck, or SUV’s surface. A nanodiamond car coating cures to a high gloss consistency, but when you run your hand across it, the surface smoothness and slickness is something to marvel at as well!


Many traditional consumer paint protection packages in the industry pale in comparison with regard to surface smoothness or slickness, as their physical makeup is not built to be as hydrophobic, oleophobic, or candy-like in aesthetics. This includes spray sealants, car waxes, and other store bought coating alternatives that common consumers have access to.


The Diamond ProTech Difference - Leaders in Nanodiamond Car Coatings

With the rise of nanodiamond car coatings, customers must concern themselves with trusted brands to guarantee they are receiving the promised quality of these products. Diamond ProTech has been working exclusively in the nanotechnology industry for years, and many of our applications have crossed industries, revolutionizing how surface protection has been handled.


Diamond ProTech started at our parent company NGNT (New Generation Nano Technologies), where the focus has been on all aspects of nanotechnology, the surface protection capabilities of nanoparticles, and how they impact and benefit many industries that implement nanotechnology-based coatings. Both NGNT and Diamond ProTech are headquartered in Switzerland, which is actually known for being pioneers in developing world-class nanotechnology applications!


Our team of scientists and engineers have brought their expertise in nanotechnology to the table when working with composite coatings, especially the nanodiamond car coating technology discussed here today. Through our mastery of nanodiamonds, composite coatings, and how they apply to the auto surface protection sector, we were able to develop a multitude of nanodiamond car coating products that bring all the benefits to vehicle paintwork, glass surfaces, metal trim pieces, and the many surfaces of vehicle interiors, including leather, vinyl, and plastic.


If you have any additional questions about our Diamond ProTech products or any of the other benefits to installing one of our many nanodiamond car coating formulas on you ride, please connect with one of our team members through our social media channels, or you can also reach out to us through our website by clicking here.


Don’t forget - We are also debuting our Pro Line Products for professional auto detailers to bring to their valued customers!