Introducing Diamond PPF - A Durable Nanodiamond Car Coating Designed for Paint Protection Film and Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

For years, meticulous vehicle owners around the world have taken protective measures to keep their car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle type safe from exterior degradation. And one of the most notable paint protection options frequently selected thanks to its flexibility, hydrophobicity, and long-term viability is paint protection film. 

While these urethane auto protection products get custom cut and form-fitted to suit the specific body type of any vehicle on the market, adding a top layer of some type of additional gloss-enhancing and hydrophobic surface sealant has become the norm for many. This is especially the case if, instead of a PPF, a customer chooses to apply a vinyl vehicle wrap to change the color, add unique accents, or install graphics on their vehicle exterior.

But in considering how flexible paint protection film is, adding a ceramic coating or store-bought spray sealant to it is often not as effective as many think.

Always innovating, Diamond ProTech has developed an effective solution for the obsessed vehicle owner hoping to extend the life of their PPF or vinyl vehicle wrap well beyond what is thought to be possible. Let us introduce to you Diamond PPF - an 18-month flexible and hydrophobic nanodiamond car coating that is effortless for you to install yourself! 

Our scientists have spent extensive time developing and testing this formula before Diamond ProTech officially launched this new product at TRCMA on April 3rd. Diamond PPF is now accessible to all customers who wish to ensure their PPF or vinyl wrap stays protected from the elements and looks amazing for longer. 

Fast and User-Friendly - How Diamond PPF is the Solution to Protecting Your PPF or Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

The two main applications that Diamond PPF has been created for have unique characteristics in and of themselves. However, the similarity in physical structure between paint protection film and vinyl vehicle wraps is their flexibility.

As you may or may not know, paint protection film is designed to absorb the defects and physical discrepancies that a car’s paint is subjected to on a regular basis. Being flexible enough to self-heal after exposure to a road hazard or piece of small debris means that if you are looking to add further hydrophobicity or other protection options to their surface, these products need a top coat as flexible as they are.

On the other hand, vinyl vehicle wraps are treated as affordable auto enhancement and transformation products. Unlike gloss-enhancing and self-healing paint protection film products, vinyl vehicle wraps are not traditionally installed to protect paintwork beneath them. Therefore, vehicle owners with a vinyl wrapped automobile really want to ensure that their custom appearance stays physically flawless and free of defects or contamination.

Diamond PPF, a composite car coating that has top-of-the-line nanodiamond technology incorporated in its makeup, which makes it a scratch-resistant and flexible coating once fully cured. Diamond PPF can enhance the appearance of your PPF or vinyl wrapped vehicle with high-grade hydrophobicity for 18 months. It is easy to apply and bonds successfully with these vehicle wrap products.

Your vinyl vehicle wrap will stay safe from swirls, scrapes, and a variety of other issues it might face. And with regard to your PPF, not only will the gloss factor go through the roof, Diamond PPF adds an additional protective layer to the top of your PPF! When hand-applied, Diamond PPF forms a seamless bond with either product it comes into contact with, and the curing is so quick, you will hardly have to wait to hit the road with your newly protected automobile!

The Benefits of Installing Diamond PPF

Throughout testing Diamond PPF, we have discovered the following to be the most notable benefits when applying to paint protection film or vinyl vehicle wrap:

Heightened UV Protection - Paint protection film products have the ability to filter UV rays away from your original paint; however, vinyl vehicle wraps are a bit more susceptible to fading from extensive sun exposure. Adding Diamond PPF to paint protection film products not only heightens your vehicle’s UV protection but actually takes on some of the UV rejection responsibility from your PPF, lengthening its life. For a vinyl wrap, its color and other detail will remain intact for far longer with the help of Diamond PPF.

Extremely Low-Maintenance Hydrophobicity - Any type of wrap added to your car, truck, or SUV already brings with it a certain level of surface hydrophobicity, but our Diamond PPF composite car coating multiples it by many! Forming the most flexible and successful bond with paint protection film and vinyl vehicle wraps, this single-layer surface protection formula enhances the hydrophobicity and makes your vehicle that much easier to detail and keep free of any contamination.

Additional Surface Coverage - Most detailers use vinyl wraps for full body color changes on automobiles as well as chrome delete services. Paint protection film products only traditionally cover painted panels, as their major draw is the self-healing nature they bring to otherwise vulnerable vehicle clear coats. Diamond PPF is a liquid nanodiamond car coating formula that can be applied on several other areas of your vehicle, helping keep the entirety of your automobile secure from hazards, debris, and degradation.

Environmental and Chemical Protection - While surface hydrophobicity is a tremendous aid in simplified vehicle maintenance, the combined benefit is in keeping a vehicle from having both environmental and chemical contamination leave lasting effects on its PPF or vinyl vehicle wrap. Diamond PPF can withstand exposure to acids and alkalis between 3-12 PH, which is an expansive range when considering how easily and negatively affected a traditional PPF or vinyl vehicle wrap is by harsh chemicals.

Extend the Life of Your PPF or Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Today!

Without question, our new Diamond PPF formula is an extremely powerful tool for those who already have a PPF or vinyl vehicle wrap installed on their ride. In taking additional paint and surface protection matters a step further in hydrophobicity, flexibility, and gloss, you not only improve your vehicle’s value but enjoy a more carefree drive through all that the world may throw at you!

Diamond PPF is an affordable, easy-to-apply solution that saves you an expensive PPF or vinyl 

wrap replacement, all while looking showroom ready consistently! If you would like to learn more about Diamond PPF or to  pick up your own bottle to apply yourself, visit our website

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