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Rupes Electronic Module LHR15MK3

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Why Buy This Product?
High quality replacement.
No need to buy a new polisher.
Perfect for when your ECM is broken.
For when speed control does not work.

About This Product:
When you turn your BigFoot Mark 3 Polisher on electricity flows immediately through the electronic speed control module (ECM). This critical component contains a user-adjustable speed button. And uses its magnetic sensing capability to monitor and stabilize the motor RPM. ECMs are tuned to maximize performance and comfort for each BigFoot Polisher. It can happen that the electronic speed control module is damaged or fails to work as intended, and must be replaced.

How do I recognize that my Electronic Speed Control Module is not working?
Unless you have access to a voltage meter and know how to operate it, there is no way to know with 100% certainty that the module has been broken. The most common performance issues attributed to a faulty module are listed below.

1)The RPM revs up and down on its own:
This symptom is commonly attributed to a faulty module. If the speed dial is adjusted up & down every few seconds (from speed 1 to 4, then back down for example), it shows what sometimes occurs once a module has become damaged. There is no way to remedy this occurrence, other than to replace the module.

2)The machine was fallen , and now runs at high speed only:
This symptom is often attributed to a broken module. If the ECM has moved out of position (due to a hard landing) its magnetic reader cannot sense the magnetic field delivered by the magnet which is mounted onto the back of the motor armature. Consequently, the machine will run at high speed only. If a visual inspection of the module confirms that it has shifted out of place, relocate the module to its proper position.

Occasionally, the plastic mounting tabs intended to secure the module can break upon impact (two upper tabs, one lower slot-mount tab). If this is the case, the tabs must either be glued back on (which is difficult to do successfully), or zip-ties can be used to secure the module into place. It is important to note that not only can the module's tabs break, so can the tabs or locaters built onto the body of the machine. Therefore, although a replacement module can resolve the broken tab issue in some cases, it is an ineffective fix if the mounting tabs or locaters have broken away from the body.

Too complicated? Then use our polisher repair service.

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