Is Diamond ProTech a ceramic coating?

Car coating manufacturers often throw out tons of tech-speak about their vehicle paint protection products, claiming to be different from each other based on tiny details in their manufacturing process. The truth of the matter is that if they produce a ceramic coating, many of these professional-grade car coatings are nearly identical in functionality and capability.

Ceramic coatings utilize technology that creates a hydrophobic, stain-resistant surface in addition to a solid shield virtually impenetrable by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These are appealing to the average, obsessed vehicle owner, but do not always protect your paintwork as advertised.

We at Diamond ProTech want to be clear about one thing right off the bat: We ARE NOT a ceramic coating manufacturer. We utilize nanodiamond technology in our protective vehicle coatings. THAT is the biggest difference right off the bat.  Diamond ProTech is the science pioneer in this technology and the only brand selling this technology for car coatings.

So if our products are not traditional ceramic coatings, then what exactly are our car coatings made of?

You will learn all about that today, along with understanding the vital differences between traditional ceramic coatings and the nanodiamond car coatings we manufacture that are now transforming the car coating industry.



Just like how different brands of ceramic coatings are similar to one another, the Diamond ProTech coatings and traditional ceramic coatings are similar in some ways while being different in many others.

What is different about our products at Diamond ProTech in comparison to competing car coatings? First and foremost, the philosophy behind our chemistry is much different than that of ceramic coating manufacturers. We believe that car protection products should be made of inorganic chemical compounds.  Most ceramic coatings are organic, and they degrade in the environment.

Our inorganic chemistry is ecologically cleaner, more user friendly, and interacts minimally with natural and chemical elements, thereby having a slower erosion time than other competitive products.

Something similar between the Diamond ProTech vehicle protection coatings and traditional ceramic coatings is their usage of nanotechnology, but unique to Diamond ProTech is the nanodiamond formulas we manufacture. These boast the hydrophobic and glossy characteristics of a ceramic coating but extend beyond those common features, delivering even more hydrophobicity and shine all housed in a more flexible surface protectant. This flexible molecular blanket of coating is key to Diamond ProTech’s technology.

Those of you that are new to car coatings and even auto paint protection are, in general, likely new to the term ‘nanotechnology’. First, nanotechnology is not exclusive to the car coating industry whatsoever. ‘Nanotechnology’ is defined as a scientific process of manipulating particles on an atomic level to create new structures for a wide range of industries. This includes, but is not limited to, medical, manufacturing, and even energy products.



Nanotechnology is all about breaking down various elements to their smallest size and then teasing out their unique properties.  Diamond ProTech nanodiamond coatings are developed from combining all the properties that you want into a breakthrough coating-

  • PHPS polymers offer abrasion, and heat resistance.
  • Modified silianes made up of inorganic compounds that offer longevity, slickness and self-cleaning properties.
  • Enriched nanodiamonds add even more hydrophobicity and pull all that together into a very strong and very flexible carbon matrix that makes it last longer than competing technologies.

When you apply Diamond ProTech liquid formulas to a surface, they safely bond and harden into an extremely glossy and protective surface that repels liquid and solid contamination, standing in the way of stains and degradation over time.

Diamond ProTech’s manufacturers have leveraged nanotechnology concepts to create coatings to protect your cherished car.  No matter if you drive a sedan to work every day or an exotic sports car for weekend cruises, the nanoparticles in our coatings transform paintwork, metal trim, glass surfaces, and even tires and rims into glamorous features that are seemingly unphased by contamination.

Now, all coatings are not impervious armor. These are not magic coatings.  If a road hazard impacts your coated surfaces while you drive, ceramic coatings will almost certainly be damaged. Ceramic coatings are less resistant to abrasion and chip easier on contact with road hazards.  The diamond molecular matrix of Diamond ProTech – gives 10x more protection than clear coat (see our SGA Third Party Tests at


Diamond ProTech has taken a much different approach in the car coating industry than ceramic coating manufacturers have, spending years working exclusively with enriching nanodiamonds and testing them as car coatings to create a nanodiamond formula that delivers like unlike any other!

Our team of scientists and engineers have spent almost a decade working on the perfect mixing processes to combine perhydropolysilazane (PHPS) and nanodiamond structures — two of the hardest inorganic materials on the planet — to develop nanodiamond coatings. Nanodiamond coatings are extremely new to the automotive detailing industry and already far outpace ceramic coatings in many ways.

Four of the most common characteristics of our nanodiamond coatings here at Diamond ProTech are as follows:


This is key in the difference between our nanodiamond coatings and traditional ceramic coatings. By mixing enriched nanodiamonds with PHPS, an elastic characteristic results that closely emulates the properties of a paint protection film. Scratches, nicks, and other defects do NOT affect a nanodiamond coating the way they do a traditional ceramic coating, meaning a vehicle’s coated surface will be protected in in many more ways.


Our 100% non-organic composites layer in a 1:1 ratio providing thick measurable protection. This thick coating allows for a user-friendly application that envelops the vehicle from all angles and creates a protective armor.


Among the ability to repel chemical and environmental contamination in a similar fashion to a ceramic coating, our nanodiamond car coatings are oleophobic. This refers to oil resistance, something that many ceramic coatings claim to be, but several are not. Our nanodiamond coatings also have enhanced water beading capabilities thanks to their diamond armored 9H+ level surface hardness.  You will be amazed when you see water beads that look like almost perfect round globes of water sitting on your hood before they roll right off!


There are dozens of ceramic coating formulas on the market that require professionals or several layers to install because of how complex they are to work with. Diamond ProTech nanodiamond coatings are extremely easy to install, whether you are an average consumer or a seasoned auto detailing professional. The cure time and application requirements do not require large time commitments, allowing for an easy installation and professionals love the fast curing time that allows cars to leave the same day (vs a 24 hour cure for many ceramic coatings).